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May 11, 2022


The eSkootr Championship™ (eSC) has launched the first release of - the new eSC Fan Hub - an online platform offering exclusive content, interactive games and live race streams.

The Fan Hub has been developed to build a community where people can enjoy, follow, learn about and engage with the Championship. As a fan first series, eSC has focused on accessibility, both through the viewing experience at live events and on screen, and in its communication and outreach to its followers.

The Fan Hub will launch as a website only platform, with apps becoming available later in the year. It will carry interactive live feeds of all of eSC’s races and will pilot live streaming in 9:16. Streams will also be available in traditional landscape and connected TV casting.

It will offer easy to digest information about the series giving an overview of what viewers can expect from the racing, the technology behind the racing, the riders involved and the Championship’s wider messaging as a force for good in sport. Through interactive games and quizzes, short form videos and bitesize technical information, the Fan Hub will be the go-to place for getting to know, understand and enjoy this brand new sport.

Hrag Sarkissian, eSC Co-founder and CEO, said:

“The consumer is at the heart of everything we are doing at eSC, and we are determined to ensure our Championship is highly engaging and accessible to all. As a new sport, we understand the need to explain and educate about the racing, and we want to do this in an easy to digest and interactive way.

“Our ambition is to build a community of fans and followers who feel part of the series, and our Fan Hub will provide a user-friendly portal offering intimate and exclusive content and information about everything eSC, both on and off the track.”

Sharon Fuller, Chief Content Officer at eSC, commented:

“The eSC Fan Hub is part of our long-term plan to build a platform for audience engagement. It will act as a portal for fans to fully immerse themselves in the Championship by providing exclusive content, interactive features and the live race stream in different formats. As we pioneer new technology in the race series, the same applies to our digital platforms with more to come this year.

As a fan first series, the Fan Hub will also offer a platform for fans to interact directly with the series, have their say and feel part of the eSC community. Initially a website-only platform, we are developing a supporting Fan Hub app to make our content as easy to reach as possible.”

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