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The Future Of Racing

Ignite your passion for speed, sustainability, and Innovation with the world's first electric scooter racing series

Experience the Thrilling Revolution of Escooter Racing

Feel the adrenaline rush, embrace the cutting-edge, and witness the power of Escooter Racing. We invite you to explore a sport where speed meets sustainability and innovation takes the center stage. Are you ready to be part of the revolution?

Unleash Electrifying Speed_

Experience the thrill of escooter racing as high-performance electric scooters accelerate to mind-blowing speeds, creating a spectacle like no other.

Drive Sustainability Forward_

Join us in promoting a greener future, where the roar of the engines coexists harmoniously with a commitment to reducing our ecological footprint.

Embrace Technological Advancements_

From state-of-the-art scooters to track innovations, immerse yourself in a world where groundbreaking technology drives the sport to new heights.

Embody Inclusivity_

Celebrate the power of equality as men and women compete side by side, breaking down barriers and inspiring future generations.

Join a Thriving Community_

Connect with passionate fans, racers, and experts who share your love for speed, sustainability, and the exhilaration that only Escooter Racing can deliver.


eSC will be a Heat format

10 teams compete in eSC, each with 3 riders, meaning 30 riders - male and female - will enter each event.

The race format will feature a series of Heats, with the top 4 from each heat progressing to the Quarter-finals and the top 3 quarter-finalists progressing to the Semi-finals. The top three from each semi-final will form the starting line-up for the Final.

There is an individual championship and a team championship, with points being awarded in each group and round.

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