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What is the eSkootr Championship (eSC)?

The eSkootr Championship is the world’s first micromobility racing series. More than just another form of motorsport, it is an entirely new sport and entertainment format for a new generation created to inspire a new movement for safer, sustainable and more liveable cities. It is truly gender neutral, attracting athletes from diverse backgrounds to make up eSC’s line-up of riders.

Where can I buy an S1-X?

The S1-X is built purely for the racetrack but it is intended to revolutionise the way we ride in our city streets. Learnings in safety, design and technology will be transferred from the track to consumer road electric scooter development - so over the coming years you could be riding an escooter that has been influenced by the S1-X.

What can I expect to see on a race weekend?

This new category of sport will see riders racing specially designed electric scooters around eSC-designed circuits in the heart of the city and at speeds of more than 100km/h.

Spectators at events and TV audiences around the world can look forward to a fast, exciting and dynamic sporting spectacle,with riders competing for individual and team glory.

Race ticket-holders will also experience eSC’s innovative entertainment format, conceived to embrace the urban culture and associated lifestyle of each host city, with music a key thread.

What is the eSC Commission

The eSC Commission is an Advisory Board established to create best sporting practice for our new category of racing. Guided by a unique team of experts with a deep knowledge of world championship motorsport, the Commission leads on safety, sustainability, sporting governance and public policy issues for eSC, as well as research, educational and development programmes.The Commission also leads on eSC’s mission for wider social relevance and impact, including the transfer of innovations and technologies from racing to the real world of micromobility.

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