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May 12, 2022

eSkootr Championship works with local London charity Global Generation for inaugural round to contribute to sustainability and wellbeing in the local community

In line with the eSkootr Championship’s ethos to contribute to creating sustainable and liveable communities, eSC is working with local charity Global Generation, located at Printworks London, the venue of eSC’s first ever race, to promote sustainability and wellbeing.

Ahead of the eSkootr Championship’s first ever race race on 13/14 May, and in line with its vision of contributing to creating sustainable and liveable cities, eSC has announced that it will be working with local charity Global Generation.

The London based charity has been working with local communities in London since 2004, building and maintaining urban gardens as neighbourhood meeting spaces and aiming to provide local children with the opportunity to engage with the environment as well as each other.

Global Generation’s newest project, the Paper Garden, is located at the Printworks London site, the location of the inaugural eSC race taking place. Aligned with eSC’s Sustainability vision to nurture the sustainable regeneration of urban spaces and the creation of more sustainable communities, the championship is supporting the creation of a communal classroom and kitchen space, which will also serve as a pantry for surplus food distribution to the community. The cordwood structure, which is currently under construction, will also be the largest circular economy build in London and the largest cordwood build in the UK.

The eSkootr Championship will work with local charities, foundations and communities around the world at each race location, focusing on those which align with its core values of creating and promoting sustainable, accessible, safe and liveable cities.

Hrag Sarkissian, eSC Co-founder and CEO, said:

“eSC will use racing as a way to promote the benefits of micromobility and to work with local governments, manufacturers and charities, like Global Generation, to help create more sustainable, accessible and liveable urban areas.

We will work closely with the local community at each of our race locations and support projects, initiatives and charities that align with our mission and values of sustainability, accessibility and safety.

Global Generation has made urban spaces accessible to children through the regeneration of the local area, creating a more sustainable environment and greater opportunities for all involved, and we are proud to be working with them around our first ever event at Printworks London this weekend.”

Global Generation works with around 2000 people a year across their gardens, including local families, children and young people from local primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and wider community groups. The Cordwood Community Build in Canada Water is open for team volunteering days, which can be booked by emailing

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