May 14, 2024

Freestyle scooter legend Clayton Lindley is the eSC’s first new Team Principal

  • Clayton Lindley and Undialed join the eSkootrChampionship as the first new racing team for the 24/25 season.
  • Undialed is a well-known scooter community builtby Lindley and co-founder Will Cashion and aims to bring the spirit offreestyle scootering to the eSC.
  • The eSC will announce a total of 10 new TeamPrincipals all coming from the world of content creation to accompanybuilt-for-social eSkootr racing.

Freestyle scooter rider Clayton Lindley is making the jump into the eSkootr Championship (eSC) and leading his own team in the 2024/25season.

Pro freestyle scooter rider, influencer and entrepreneur,Clayton Lindley is the first of a new generation of Team Principals leading their teams in the eSC, the sustainable, electric scooter racing championship.The Texan has been a pro since 2016, touring the world to take part in major competitions. He is also a content creator and co-founder of Undialed, the world’s biggest freestyle scooter media company.

Building the Undialed brand

In 2018, Lindley teamed up with pro rider Will Cashion to create Undialed: a social media community for scooter fanatics. Undialed blew up into the largest media source for scooter riders. Lindley’s unique talents as a leader and mentor as well as his extreme sports credibility make him the perfect fit for the eSC. He wants to use Team Undialed to create the next sporting superstars.

Clayton Lindley, Undialed co-founder and eSC Team Principal, said: “At Undialed, we have always been pushing boundaries and been one of the bigger names in the world of freestyle scootering. Racing is our next big push and I am super excited to show the world how talented freestyle scooter riders are. I am looking forward to being the number one electric scooter racing team and growing the sport to make scootering more mainstream.”

eSC races into 2024/25

This partnership is the first of a series of announcements of Team Principals all of whom specialise in niche content creation within scootering, racing, tech, adventure, entertainment and gaming.

This new approach accompanies the short-form and built-for-social format of the races where fans can find exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to their favourite teams through their TeamPrincipals’ lenses.

Hrag Sarkissian, the eSkootr Championship™ Co-founder andCEO, said: “We are delighted to welcome Clayton and Undialed to the eSC. He isa big supporter of what we are trying to do both on and off the track through his community-driven approach and competitive edge.”

“With a skilled content creator and athlete like Clayton at the helm of each eSC team, we will be able to give our community of fans unrivalled access to the championship seasons”

About The eSkootr Championship™

Fast. Exciting. Dynamic. eSC is a brand-new sport and entertainment format for a new generation that reimagines racing and inspires anew movement for safer, sustainable and more liveable cities. Riders race the specially designed S1-X electric scooter, which has been developed by YCOM and can reach speeds of over 100 km/h, on specially designed circuits. For more information, please visit

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