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July 10, 2024

Triathlete Ann Pow joins eSC as Team Principal of E-Dragon

Malaysian powerhouse, Ann Pow is the next eSC Team Principal to be announced for the 2024/25 season. Crowned fastest Malaysian female to complete the Ironman Langkawi in 2022, Ann has become a role model for a community of young aspiring athletes using her social media accounts to share her training and successes.

The triple-threat regularly travels the world to set new records, most recently putting in a strong performance in the 2023 Ironman Kona World Championship in Hawaii – the pinnacle of all Ironman events.  

With a strong mix of grit, determination and community spirit, Ann joins eSC with team E-Dragon, a nod to her Malaysian heritage and her vision of strength and power for the team. Here’s what she had to say to our interview questions…

eSC: So Ann, what got you into triathlons?

Ann: I stumbled into triathlons by coincidence. I had no prior athletic background and only began running when I was 19. I discovered triathlons aged 22 and started participating at 23. Yet, I never imagined I would achieve this and come this far. 

eSC: How much time do you spend training a week? What's your routine like? 

Ann: I am a triathlete, so I constantly have to train my swimming, cycling, and running. I also need to do some gym workouts. Since most of my races are long-distance, most of the time I train two sports every day and 12-18 hours a week. 

eSC: How do you keep motivated? 

Ann: Staying motivated can be challenging, but for me, it's about setting the goals that excite and challenge me. Whether it's preparing for a competition, improving my skills, or achieving a personal best, having a clear objective keeps me focused and driven. Additionally, I find inspiration in the progress I make along the way and in the support of friends, coaches, and fellow athletes who share similar passions. 

eSC: How do you think your experience will help you lead an eSkootr Championship team? 

Ann: Understanding the importance of motivation and setting goals is crucial for my team. My experience in long-distance competitions has taught me the significance of strategy and endurance. I know how to plan for the entire race, adapt to changing conditions, and maintain consistency. These skills will help me lead an eSkootr Championship team to success by focusing on smart planning, teamwork, and maintaining high performance throughout the race. 

eSC: Tell us a bit more about your team name, E-Dragon. 

Ann: I chose the name E-dragon for several reasons. Firstly, I wanted a name that people would find easy to remember. The "E" in E-dragon stands for electric, which resonates with modern technology and innovation. The dragon is a significant symbol in my culture, representing power, strength, and good fortune. This year is particularly special because it is the Year of the Dragon, which adds even more significance and auspiciousness to the name. 

eSC: What are you most excited about for the upcoming season? 

Ann: I'm most excited about the opportunity to compete and push our team's limits together. It's a fantastic chance for us to grow, learn, and achieve new milestones as a team.

Follow eSC and Ann on and on Instagram.

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