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October 26, 2021

Rider Recruitment

Understand the first steps you need to take towards eSkootr greatness…

_1 So you want to be an eSkootr racer?

Okay, you’ve read the Tweets, you’ve watched the
 video, and… questions. There are still questions, right?

We totally get everyone’s enthusiasm, and nobody said becoming a pro eSC racer would be simple. But – who knows – it might be…

Thing is, until we actually start racing, it’s impossible to know the precise blend of speed, skill and agility needed to become our first champion.

Still, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Read this to understand the first steps you need to take towards eSkootr greatness…

_2 So, how can I get involved?

This is a question we’re asked every day!

For now, keep following eSC’s social channels
 for info and updates. From the very start, we’ve planned an exciting and accessible grassroots programme that will enable anybody to visit a track, safely jump on an eSC-approved eSkootr and start logging their lap-times.

That opportunity is definitely coming, and you can be that rider!

_3 But why can’t I join now?

We acknowledge that racing is dangerous,
and we want eSC to be safe. That’s imperative, and that means kicking off our series with experienced, professional athletes who have the skills to manage the physical demands of a 60mph/100km/h race eSkootr.

Our first athletes will also provide us with the data and feedback we need to best tailor our grassroots programme for people with all kinds of differing abilities.

_4 Who will be the first riders?

Who really knows? That’s what’s so exciting.

There’s an obvious crossover with motorcyclists, Moto-X riders, mountain bikers, freestyle scooter riders and racing drivers. But we also think there’s real scope for athletes from balance sports (skiing, ice hockey, snowboarding, skating, surfing) to make a real impression.

We’d love for eSC to cater for as many different disciplines as possible – and can’t wait to see what happens!

_5 I’m a professional athlete – how do I get involved?

We’ve already signed our first entrant (Carlin), and we’re talking to lots more. The plan is to provide all our teams with a list of potential athletes ahead of
 a summer recruitment programme.

Pro athletes can sign up to our Recruitment Programme – and we’ll filter that data so that
our teams can trial the very best riders.

And, as usual, follow our channels for up-to-date info.

_6 Will you be racing near me?

Hopefully, yes!

In 2021, we’ll be rolling out a more compact race schedule – hopefully looking to take advantage of reduced COVID restrictions in order to go racing at some point in Q3 and Q4.

And we want to kick off our first full world championship in 2022, racing in forward-thinking cities around the globe.

And then there’s our grassroots programme, which has been designed to provide eSkootr testing and racing opportunities at smaller, local track across the world.

Somehow, somewhere, there’ll be an opportunity near you…

_7 When will you tell us more?

First of all, we want to show you our unbelievable race eSkootr – watch this space!

Then we want to tell you the cities we’ll be visiting in 2021.

Next, we’ll reveal the first details of our pro-rider recruitment plan, followed by further details on a global grassroots programme that will bring eSkootr racing to a track near you.

For now, keep following us on social, check the website, and ask as many questions as you want – we’ll be keeping you constantly updated.

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