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October 26, 2021

Helbiz to enter a team into the eSkootr Championship

Revolutionary transport technology and micromobility manufacturer, Helbiz has become the second team to officially enter eSC. Helbiz will field three riders when eSC hosts its first competitive events next year.

The Italian American intra-urban transportation company was founded in 2015 by Italian entrepreneur, Salvatore Palella, with the aim to solve the first mile/last mile transportation problem of high-traffic urban areas around the world. The company produces three types of electric vehicles which includes the industry leading e-scooter that was the first of its kind to be introduced in Italy.

Like eSC, Helbiz puts sustainability and safety at the forefront of its ambitions and development strategy. Both Helbiz and eSC are constantly looking at ways to improve urban mobility, providing safe transport for all that creates a proactive environmental and social impact. These shared goals make eSC the perfect development ground for Helbiz to continue to modify and evaluate all aspects of the rider experience and their environmental impact, perfectly encapsulating the real-world relevance of eSC.

eSC will fill a new space in the sporting horizon; reaching a new demographic through accessible top-level sport that is open to a hugely diverse range of professional athletes. Riders from around the world will create exciting rivalries, on specially created city centre tracks. The unfolding racing action will bring education, data and a greater understanding to the micromobility sector.

As a front runner in micromobility, Helbiz will also bring the same level of focus and determination to the racing action, aiming to be a front runner on race day too. eSC is proud to announce the addition of Helbiz to the Championship at such an important time for the Italian-American business. Helbiz was listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market through an Initial Public Offering on 13th August as it continues to expand and fulfilling its ambition to revolutionise the micromobility sector.

Khalil Beschir, eSkootr Championship™ COO, said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Helbiz to eSC. Aside from the wider-ranging ambitions around the championship, I have no doubt that Helbiz will be competing in eSC to win and will be competitive from the outset. As a company they share our passion for improving micromobility and providing safer and more sustainable urban transportation options. Helbiz is made up of an incredibly innovative and imaginative group of people who are prepared to think outside the box. This is potentially just the start of a great relationship which could move beyond micromobility and also encompass wider media opportunities in the future."

One of our main objectives is to help companies like Helbiz develop their e-scooters providing the most advanced micromobility technologies for the consumer market.

"This partnership with Helbiz will enable us to work together and share learnings to provide micromobility solutions to a society searching for a smarter, cleaner tomorrow.”

Emanuele Liatti, Helbiz Chief Product Officer added:

“This is undoubtedly a time of strong growth and development for Helbiz. Just last week the company listed on Nasdaq and now we are officially the first micro-mobility company to achieve this goal. Furthermore, we have recently announced the launch of Helbiz One, our Made in Italy scooter Designed by Pininfarina: the prototype of the first scooter destined for sale. This new special model and the collaboration with eSC adds value to the company and that I am delighted to follow closely, because it takes us into an adrenaline-fueled and exciting world.”

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