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June 26, 2024

From eSports to eSkootrs: Gaming Content Creator Harrie Silver joins eSC as Team Principal

British streamer, content creator and female gaming advocate, Harrie Silver, is the next Team Principal to join the eSkootr Championship for the upcoming 24/25 season.

As a Twitch streamer, Harrie has excited the masses playing FPS, life simulation and adventure games while building a dedicated community of fans who flood to the chat throughout every stream.

She is also a content creator for Guild eSports helping bring more women into sim-racing, both casually and competitively.

Now she is taking the plunge from electronic to electric, heading up one of 10 teams in the eSkootr Championship where her experience in levelling the playing field for girls in gaming will no doubt be invaluable to eSC’s efforts for fair gender representation.

eSC: Welcome to eSC! Can you tell our fans a little bit about yourself?

Harrie: I’ve been a content creator online for coming up to 7 years now. I’ve always been passionate about gaming and the ways in which that can manifest in people’s lives, and how people have different approaches to it. I love getting people excited about gaming and I can’t wait to bring that to eSC.

eSC: So, what got you into gaming and tech?

Harrie: My dad! I think that’s the answer for a lot of people. He had me playing games when I was a child and I just never really stopped after that! I’ve been so fortunate to turn it into a career. 

eSC: You’re currently working with Guild eSports to bring more women into sim-racing. What’s your role in that and what kind of impact are you seeing?

Harrie: We’re on a mission to build a safe space for women to come and either try something new or attend competitions with pro contract prizes. One of the main positives I’ve seen is that we’ve had a lot of women come through the doors and feel more enthusiastic about trying out esports or sim racing in a safe environment which, in turn, has made them more confident playing online.

eSC: Where do you see the overlaps between gaming and leading a racing team?

Harrie: There are so many ways! I thrive off community and throughout my time as a content creator I’ve worked incredibly hard to shape my community. Getting people excited about eSC will bean extension of that, and of course, there’s also the competitiveness! 

eSC: What are you most excited about joining eSC as Team Principal?

Harrie: I’m most excited about being able to bring a new audience to this sport: one that can get excited about it as I am! Having this incredibly cool project I can make content around and put my passion into is also really exciting.

eSC: What is your vision for your team?

Harrie: I’d like to win as much as possible, of course! But the main vision is to just create something really special, getting behind the scenes and showing people what it’s all about. For example, I’d like to showcase how accessible and sustainable eSC is as a sport, and just generally open it up to those that may not have heard about it.

eSC: …and what’s the story behind your team name?

Harrie: I tried to incorporate “stream” or something to do with content creation into the team name, and I think it ties in perfectly with my background and vision of speed!


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