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May 14, 2024

Freestyle scooter legend Clayton Lindley is the eSC’s first new Team Principal

Freestyle scooter rider Clayton Lindley is making the jump into the eSkootr Championship (eSC) and leading his own team in the 2024/25season.

Pro freestyle scooter rider, influencer and co-founder of Undialed, Clayton Lindley is the first of a new generation of Team Principals leading their teams in the eSC, the sustainable, electric scooter racing championship.

Originally from Amarillo, Texas, Clayton was drawn to extreme sports as a boy, initially focusing on skateboarding and BMX. After moving to San Diego, California, at age 16, he switched to scooters, bringing his skillset, spirit and tricks to freestyle scooter riding. In 2016, Clayton turned pro as the sport enjoyed a surge in popularity globally, with competitions offering big money prizes around the world, especially the US,Europe and Asia.

Clayton also turned content creator and built a huge following on Instagram and YouTube connecting with a growing audience with stunts, clips and tutorials. He often mixes his scooter skills with his other hobbies – notably completing the first ever freestyle scooter BASE jump.

Becoming Undialed

In 2018, Clayton teamed up with pro rider Will Cashion to create Undialed: a social media community for scooter fanatics. Undialed blew up into the largest media source for scooter riders and a platform where talented young riders could show off their skills, creativity and share tips.

Lindley’s unique talents as a leader and mentor as well as his extreme sports credibility make him the perfect fit for the eSC, and he wants to use Team Undialed to create the next sporting superstars.

 “As a freestyle scooter rider and the owner of the largest freestyle scooter company, Undialed, we have always been ones to push boundaries and been one of the bigger names in the world of freestyle scootering.

“Racing is our next big push and I am super excited to show the world how talented freestyle scooter riders are. I am looking forward to being the number one electric scooter racing team and growing the sport to make scootering more mainstream."

eSC races into 2024/25

For the 2024/25 season, the eSC will feature 10 teams of three riders who will compete in six championship rounds. The championship will be building on its successful first season and expanding from Europe to bring eSC racing to a global audience.

“eSC brings the world of high-speed racing into my world of freestyle scooter riding. I think it is a unique way to put more eyes on to the world of scooters. Not only a great way to show off the latest technology butgives an outlet to freestyle scooter riders to test their skills from the skatepark, against seasoned racers.”

Those 30 eSC riders will be drafted from a huge pool of talent with the championship searching the world for athletes with the skills, agility and mental strength to compete in elite electric scooter racing. The eSkootr Championship is gender neutral and exists to offer a platform to competitors from any background.

What characteristics will Lindley be looking for when it comes to recruiting pro riders to Team Undialed? “A great racer knows when to attack and when to play defence. We’re looking for riders who are not scared to push the limit and see how far they can take the scooter.”

Building a new eSC team

Each team in eSC has its own unique visual style and in Team Undialed design duties fall to co-founder Will Cashion. “Undialed is a staple in the freestyle scooter industry. Our branding is to go against the grain and do things before anyone else,” Clayton continues. “Our logo and graphics are made by Will, who is taking creative control of the look of the racers, including scooter, suit, helmet and boots.

“If you want to see what that looks like, you’ll have to come see for yourself at the first race.”

The S1-X racing scooter is designed especially for the eSC, the high-powered machine can hit top speeds of over 100km/h (60mph) and puts out zero-emissions during racing.

With twin 6kw motors front and back, the S1-X is agile enough to lean over 55º and with a body constructed from carbon-fibre and flax plants, it weighs just 40kg (90lbs), making it a perfectly balanced racing scooter.

Follow Team Undialed and the eSkootr Championship at and on Instagram.

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