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May 11, 2022


eSkootr Championship™ (eSC) riders Tre Whyte and Elise Christie today visited Tre’s old school, Keyworth Primary, in south London to promote micromobility with young children.

eSkootr Championship™ (eSC) riders Tre Whyte and Elise Christie today visited Tre’s old school, Keyworth Primary, in south London to promote micromobility with young children.

eSC, in partnership with Scoot Fit, the UK’s Number 1 educational scooting company, ran a series of scooter sessions for two age groups, 5 year olds in reception, and 10 year olds in year 5. The children were introduced to kick scooters, and taught how to ride safely, as well as being shown the fun and health benefits from scooting.

In between the sessions, Tre and Elise spoke to the children about scooting and eSC, explaining what eSC is, what micromobility is, and how much fun they have riding their scooters. Tre, who will be competing for Anthony Joshua’s 258 Racing team, was then able to show the children his race eSkootr as well as the racesuit he will be wearing when the action begins at Printworks London on Friday. 

eSC’s vision is to be accessible to all, and to advocate for safe, regulated and sustainable micromobility options in urban centres around the world. As eSC’s grassroots programme develops, educational school visits and opportunities to ride both kick and electric scooters will become a key focus for the series.

Tre Whyte, eSC 258 Racing rider, said:

“It was fantastic to go back to my old school as an eSC rider and to talk to the children about the series and to join in on the kick scooter session. I remember being sat in the same playground when I was growing up, and how excited I was when we got to try new activities. It is activities like this that will really resonate with children and make them fans of the series, and also inspire their interest in scooters as a means of sustainable and accessible transport. 

“eSC wants to help grow and develop the micromobility sector and as well as the racing, I am excited by the opportunities to do these school visits and help to grow the series and the wider aims around city transport.”

Elise Christie, eSC Team Nico Roche Racing rider, said:

“It was great to take part in the eSC and Scoot Fit session at Keyworth Primary School today. Being young is all about trying and learning about new things. Racing eSkootr’s is certainly new and it was great to show the children one of our eSkootrs and our race suits, and we have invited them all to watch the race on Saturday. 

“The school visit is an example of how we are using eSC to get children interested in e-scooters and more sustainable methods of transport. The children all really enjoyed scooting around and we hope they and their families will love the live action.”

Khalil Beschir, eSC Co-founder and COO, added:

“As well as providing highly entertaining sport, our mission at eSC is to promote more accessible, greener urban transport methods. By visiting schools, like today, we aim to use the excitement around the racing to create awareness of the benefits of micromobility and to develop the safe rider of tomorrow.

“It was fascinating to see so many children already using a kick scooter to get to school, and shows us the popularity of new transport methods. We want to use the platform of eSC to encourage more children to take up scooting, and to educate them on the wider health and transport benefits it can have.”

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