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January 28, 2022

eSkootr Championship™ Appoints Dr Paul Trafford as Medical Director

The eSkootr Championship™ (eSC) has appointed Dr Paul Trafford as its Medical Director.

Dr Trafford, who currently represents the UK on the FIA Medical Commission, chairs Motorsport UK’s Medical Committee, and is the Medical Director for the BTCC, will be responsible for developing all medical and rider health related requirements for the new championship.

The announcement coincides with Dr Trafford’s keynote at the International Council of Motorsport Sciences annual congress today. During his presentation, Dr Trafford explained why this new category of motorsport has been established, and the opportunities it offers for research, innovation and knowledge transfer from the track to the real world of micromobility.

Khalil Beschir, eSkootr Championship™ co-founder and COO, said:

“The safety of our riders is our first priority so we are delighted that one of the most experienced experts in the field of motorsport medicine has joined eSC. Dr Trafford, or Traff as he is known in paddock’s across the world, will be leading our medical operations and working closely with our safety and research teams.

“Traff’s focus will include developing our training and health programmes for young riders as the wider ambitions for our new sport roll out. Traff will also be a leading member of our Commission and its multi-disciplinary safety research team, which includes renowned motorsport technical experts Andy Mellor and Peter Wright.”

Dr Paul Trafford, added:

“Not only is eSC an exciting new sporting challenge for me, it’s also a unique opportunity to offer insights and benefits on injury prevention for the rapidly growing micromobility sector. As the demand for these new personal mobility devices grows in cities worldwide, eSC is uniquely placed to provide research findings with significant real world relevance and value.”

“Combining safety on the track with a potential safety application on the road has been a guiding principle for eSC’s approach from day one.”

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