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July 1, 2024

Electric Racer Ellis Spiezia joins eSC as Team Principal with Ellysium Racing

Ellis Spiezia, is blazing a new trail in his career as an electric racing driver as he takes on the role of Team Principal of eSkootr Championship team: Ellysium Racing.

The 18 year old American has dedicated his career to electric racing, starting with electric karting, to working as development and test driver for most electric motorsports at the junior level and now racing in Travis Pastrana’s Nitrocross series in the 2024/25 season.

Ellysium Racing is a product of his belief that “the rewards of being first far outweigh the risks” and his tireless pursuit in pushing the boundaries of technology both on and off the track. With a focus on speed, sustainability and education his mission is centred around performance and the planet.

As a voice of a new generation, Ellis’ commitment to sustainability whilst pursuing his passion has sparked the attention not only of his community of fans but also organizations like the BBC who nominated him for the BBC Green Sports Young Athlete of the Year Award in 2022. He is also part of Eco Athletes, High Impact Athletes, and Green Sports Alliance — all collectives of athletes highlighting environmental issues.

We checked in with Ellis about taking the step into leading a team and what he is most looking forward to this season.

eSC: Welcome to eSC, Ellis! How are you feeling about this next step into leading an eSkootr Championship team?

Ellis: I am super excited to take this step. I’ve spent my whole career being on track in the driver’s seat, so this opportunity to take a leadership role is unique, and is definitely coming along earlier in my career than I expected. I love the strategy and technical elements of the sport, and have a ton of knowledge on the electric powertrain side, so I’m hoping to put that to work for my riders and get us to the top step of the podium.

eSC: With your background in electric racing, what unique angle do you think you will bring to eSC this season?

Ellis: With 4 years of electric motorsport and lots of experience in new race series, I understand and appreciate the quirks of working with new tech and innovation. I also will have a unique approach given my background as a racer. I’ll have a first hand understanding of what my riders are experiencing and going through race by race and throughout the championship, and be able to support them on and off the track.

eSC: Obviously, you’re usually behind the wheel. What do you think will be the biggest change in your approach to this new role?

Ellis: Taking on the role of principal is new to me, so I’m excited to learn alongside my riders, mechanics and engineers. My technical knowledge and love for strategy will give me an edge and allow me to utilize that strength in a new and different way than being behind the wheel myself. Except I have to admit I’m gonna want a test run on the S1-X!

eSC: Can you tell us a bit more about what motivates you?

Ellis: I am paving a new pathway in a legacy sport. I am motivated by the opportunity that electric motorsport presents to provide parity, access and sustainability, and to innovate on the world’s biggest challenges. Racing is fun, and in a time when there is so much fear and anxiety around what’s happening in the world, I know that I can show through my passion for racing that there is an optimistic future ahead for my generation.

eSC: What are you most excited about this season?

Ellis: I am super excited to see how the field of riders stacks up, and the chance to travel across the world to some really incredible locations to race. I love city circuits, and the opportunity it brings to engage with the fans. But of course as a racing driver myself, I’m most excited to win this thing. LFG.


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